"Work and play can be the same. When you are following your energy and doing what you want to do all the time, the distinction between work and play dissolves. Work is no longer what you have to do, and play what you want to do. When you are doing what you love, you may work harder and produce more than ever before, because you are having fun" - Shakti Gawain

We are located in the beautiful Helderberg basin (more exactly in Strand), South Africa.

We pride ourselves on being members of the community that we operate in and know what it's like promote creativity & entrepreneurs. Opened our doors in April 2012 when we realized there were no stores in the area that we felt like we were or could be a part of. While many other businesses seem to be moving in a "bigger is better", impersonal, store and/or online store direction, we decided to open a small, community oriented, home based business.

Five years later we're still going strong and still believe in what we're doing.


We invite you to take a look around as to what we have to offer; even our regular clients are not always aware of all the ways we can be of service.


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