Overcome challenges, drive innovation and align technology to YOUR business goals

What is IT Coaching?

Learn what you need, when you need it, with tailored sessions for you or your team. These sessions can be completely focused on the work of each individual and provide massive opportunities to improve productivity.

Our coaches can help you and your team get the most from the IT technology and packages used to make anyone more confident when tackling real business problems.

Why Choose IT Coaching?

People’s time is becoming more and more precious. Training can increase your productivity by decreasing challenges with IT technology and packages in use. However, getting time away from the office can be challenging.

Just one hour of IT coaching can have a major impact on a individual's productivity. By focusing on examples and challenges from your own work, you can get the value of a one-day course but in a fraction of the time.

Who is IT Coaching for?

Anyone who wants to be more efficient or effective in their use of IT in their job
Anyone who cannot afford to spend a whole day out of work and needs to lean a specific technology / software feature
Anyone who thinks they may not be doing things the fastest way and would like to save time

IT Coaching as Post Course / New Software Lunch Support

If your team have received significant training, or if they’re about to use new software for the first time, IT Coaching can be a great way in supporting them to adjust. We can send a coach to floor walk, offering support and answer questions whilst your team are at their desks. Or the coach can remain out of sight in a designated area, offering workshops or on the spot training on request.

What are the benefits?

On-the-spot support for you or your team in their own working environment
Highly work relevant – real life problems encounter real life solutions
Flexibilty: Receive tips and tricks, general advice or aqquire specific skills
Greater confidence and trust in new software
Less time away from your core-work
Improved efficiency and effectiveness

How does it work?

We will send a coach to your premises for a day
The coach can move throught the office, responding to individual’s questions at their desk OR
facilicate workshops for individuals or small groups
YOU decide the length and number of sessions


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